About the band

Million Dollar Nile combines harmony and humor to bring you a blend of catchy originals, bluegrass standards, and the occasional surprise pop music cover. They often write lyrics about environmental issues, earning them the title “Seattle’s Greenest Bluegrass Band.” Most importantly, Million Dollar Nile loves to have fun and they hope you do too!

Million Dollar Nile began back in 2007 when Matt Swanson, Dan Stonington, and Nicole Comforto started playing bluegrass and original folk tunes and singing harmonies together in Seattle. Over the years they were joined by Bobby Hughes on banjo (formerly of Okie Dokie Donkey with Dan), Christian Krehbiel on drums (formerly of Doppelganger with Matt), Charlotte Gamble on bass (from Nicole’s book club), and Nathan Hamm on fiddle (from Whitman College with Matt and Nicole). So Million Dollar Nile is basically a supergroup of Okie Dokie Donkey, Doppelganger, a book club, and Whitman College.

But wait, there's more! At some point along the way, Charlotte and Nathan realized they were more than just a rocking string section, and in 2020 they got married! As of 2024, they are expecting their second band baby. Congratulations, Nate and Char!

All profits from sales of the band’s album, The Definition of Adventure, are donated to environmental nonprofits.

Now our string section is tighter than ever!